Instructions for Authors

For guidelines and instructions on how to prepare and submit your manuscripts, see Guide to Authors and Poster Instructions.


Authors are invited to submit one or several papers on the following topics of the Meeting :

  • Climate change

  • Soil and zoning

  • Vine genetic resources

  • Vine physiology and grape ripening

  • Viticultural techniques

  • Precision Viticulture, new technologies and vineyard mechanization

  • Vine protection and sustainability


The Scientific Committee of the 21st GiESCO Meeting welcomes 5 types of communications:

1. Special Scientific Oral (SSO)

This corresponds to original research that authors would like both to present as a full oral presentation and to publish in a peer-reviewed journal. For the 21st GiESCO meeting, OENO One (https://oeno-one.eu) has accepted to edit a special series. Time slot dedicated to SSO is 15' for slide show + 5' for questions.

2. Scientific Oral (SO)

The standard oral communication presents original results that authors want to keep for further publication. Time slot dedicated to SO is 12' for slide show + 3' for questions.

3. Professional Day Oral (PDO)

This corresponds to professionally-oriented communications, i.e. dealing with extension or reviewing technological topics. A special day will be organized during the meeting for PDO sessions. Time slot dedicated to PDO is 12' for slide show + 3' for questions.

4. Flash Oral (FO)

This corresponds to short presentations highlighting new scientific topics and/or original provisional results. Time slot dedicated to FO is 5' for slide show + 2' for questions.

5. Poster Communication (PC)

This corresponds to research confirming or complementing previous reports (e.g. extending previous findings to different varieties or regions...). 


Manuscript Journey

Manuscript Journey